Open for Grinding Demonstrations every second Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm ***April through Oct.

History of Hulston Mill

Hulston Grist Mill was established at the confluence of the Sac River & Turnback Creek in Dade County, Mo. in 1840. Land records show that Ezekiel Madison Campbell was the owner. In 1848, Henry H. Pemberton bought the mill from his father-in-law, Ezekiel Campbell, and operated it until 1859 when he sold it to Henry Engleman. The mill played an important role in saving Missouri for the Union during the Civil War. It is believed Mr. Engleman refused to grind grain for Union troops. Dade County Home Guard was called to supply grain to General Lyon’s army in Springfield because of them being so far from established supply lines. Without food supplies from Hulston Mill and other area mills, Lyon’s army might have been forced to retreat northward closer to supply lines. Instead, well supplied, Lyon was able to engage Confederate forces near Springfield in the Battle of Wilson’s Creek.

Engleman operated the mill for another ten years after the Civil War and sold to James Christopher Hulston in 1875. Soon after, a post office, general store, drug store, livery stable, and a blacksmith shop were established and the small community was recognized as Hulston, Mo.

Moving through several owners, the mill was active until 1967 when a reservoir was planned that would flood the site. Thanks to the efforts of many people, the mill was moved to the present location on 50 acres and has a small dedicated group working to bring it back to working order as an active example of the pioneering spirit in America.

The mill is open for tours and demonstrations during special events and the second Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm during summer months.

Our Location

Hulston Mill ~ 36 Hulston Mill Ln. ~ Everton, MO ~ HWY 160 to EE, North 2.5 mile to Co. Rd. 92, East 1 mile ~ follow signs on right.

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